Pilgrim Passport – Credencial


The pilgrim passport, called the credential, is the actual proof of a person walking the Camino de Santiago. For each overnight stay or special place visited, the pilgrim receives a stamp inside his Credential. With this procedure, the Credential provides a record of all the places where the pilgrim has been along the Camino. At the end of his pilgrimage, the pilgrim shows all his collected stamps inside his credential at the Pilgrim’s Office in Santiago de Compostela. If this documentation proves that the pilgrim has at least walked the last 100 km to the final destination of Santiago de Compostela, the pilgrim receives the Compostela—the certificate proof of having completed the pilgrimage.
All this makes the Credential a most cherished memento of the pilgrimage—a trophy of the highest regard. Only the owner of a credential is aware of the true meaning of this document.

The design concept for this Pilgrim Passport or Credential incorporates the predominant colours of Planet Earth – the blue of the sky and the seas. The design has been kept to the bare essentials in order to enhance the appearance of the stamps.The background tone of the paper imitates the colour of ancient handmade paper, thus giving this Credential a documental character in keeping with a centuries old tradition. When framed it will form an impressive memento of your Camino experience.
The material and way of production has been tested and designed to assure that the writing and stamps are able to dry and do not smear.


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– Size 10 cm x 15 cm, open with 6 panels for stamps, 30 cm x 15 cm

The photos above show a passport with stamps. The passport you order comes with no stamps, as you collect them when you walk.


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